2State duty and registration fee payment modes
Summary of the procedure Verification of documents at State Registration ChamberObtainment of State Register Certificate

Contact details


Entity in charge

Any Bank in Moscow



1. 1 - ID documents 
ID documents  (original)


or USD 500  (Accreditation fee for 1 year. )
or USD 1,000  (Accreditation fee for 2 years.)
or USD 1,500  (Accreditation fee for 3 years.)
or USD 2,000  (Accreditation fee for 5 years.)
RUB 120,000  (State duty)

Legal justification

1. 1 - RF Tax Code (part II) N 117-FZ dated 05.08.2000  
RF Tax Code (part II) N 117-FZ dated 05.08.2000
State Registration Chamber Decree "On tariffs for SRC services" №33

Additional information

Accreditation fee and state duty might be paid via banks.
Sum depends of the period of accreditation.
Copy of the receipt with the marks of the bank should be provided to the State Registration Chamber.