3Obtainment of State Register Certificate
Summary of the procedure State duty and registration fee payment modesPersonal accreditation for foreign employees

Contact details


Entity in charge

State Registration Chamber

3/5 Smolenskiy bulvar, 119121 Moscow
Phone: +7 (499) 246-0012, (499) 246-4724

Unit in charge

Accreditation Department, room 129



1. 1 - ID documents 
ID documents  (original)

Legal justification

1. 1 - Statute of the State Registration Chamber, art. 9 
Statute of the State Registration Chamber, art. 9

Additional information

In 21 working days authorized body grants a State Register Certificate to an applicant.

State Register Certificate confirms the official status of the branch office at federal level and is needed for the opening of bank account, tax office registration, visa procedures and customs procedures.

Applicants can check on-line the status of branches accreditation documents via web-site: www.palata.ru