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Where to go?

You will have to go to the following agencies. The number indicates how many interactions are required with each entity.
Eurasian Patent Organization x 6
1 3 4 6 7 9
Any Bank in Moscow x 3
2 5 8

What you will get

The objective of the procedure is to obtain those documents.

Required documents

The documents with green band will be provided to you during the procedure.

EPO_bank details x 3
2 5 8
EPO_bank details  
payment order form_for physical persons x 2
2 5
payment order form_for physical persons  
Payment order form_for legal entities x 2
2 5
Payment order form_for legal entities  
EPO_blanks docs
EPO_blanks docs  
Payment order
Payment order  
Application for issuance of the patent

How much?

This list shows the costs in all steps of the procedure.
Estimated cost of the procedure  RUB 95,710  
RUB 25,500 per  
RUB 25,500 per contract / transaction amount (One invention) 
RUB 19,000 per contract / transaction amount (Group of inventions) 
RUB 16,000 (For publication of hard copies of Eurasian patent) 
RUB 3,200 per  (Additional duty for late submission of Russian translation of Eurasian application materials) 
RUB 3,200 (If the patent issuance duty is paid within two months after the expiration of the initial four-months period, an additional duty should be paid) 
RUB 2,200 per  (Additional duty for each clause in the invention formula after the fifth one) 
RUB 950 per  (Additional duty for late submission of power of attorney in accordance with the Patent Instruction) 
RUB 160 (If there is more than 35 pages in the materials to be published an additional duty is to be paid for 36th page and for every one following page) 

How long ?

The estimated total time is calculated by adding the time spent: 1) waiting in queue, 2) at the counter and 3) between steps.
  min. max.
Total time (sum): 0 d 0 d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum):    
Attention at counter (sum):    
Waiting time until next step (sum):   -

Legal justification?

The regulations which justify the procedure and its content
EPO_convention EPO_convention