3Application for a patent granting (invention)
Summary of the procedure State duty payment for examination of an application (invention)State duty payment/substantive examination (invention)

Contact details


Entity in charge

Federal institute of intellectual property, Rospatent

Berezhkovskaya nab., bld.30-1, 123995  Moscow
Phone: +7 (499)240-60-15 / +7 (499)240-61-38 
Tel. 1: +7 (499) 243-33-37 / +7 (499) 234-30-58
http://www.fips.ru/, http://www.rupto.ru/

Expected results

Application-patent3 01 - Application-patent3
Application-patent2 02 - Application-patent2
Application-patent1 03 - Application-patent1

Time frame

Initial formal expertise might take up to two months.
Waiting time until next step:min. 60 d - max. 70 d

Legal justification

1. 1 - Civil Code of RF (Part IV) 
Civil Code of RF (Part IV)
Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation No.327 dated October 29, 2008

Additional information

An application is to be filed to the Federal institute of intellectual property.
Documents are to be presented directly, or by mail.

An application can be filed by an applicant directly or through a patent solicitor dully registered or through a different kind of representative. Citizens of Russian Federation who permanently reside out of the territory of Russia as well as foreign legal entities communicate to Rospatent through patent solicitors registered at Rospatent unless otherwise provided by an international agreement of Russian Federation.